Call to Prayer

Loving God, as a people of faith, we may be standing on high mountains or in deep valleys; we need Your love and protection to bring us closer to You. In times of growth we feel Your presence ever close; yet in our valley times we many not find You so readily. You are always there God, above those dark clouds that loom upon us sometimes.
Help us to meditate on the immeasurable love You have for each one of us; we feel the swell of Your love grow in our hearts. Holy one be with us, as we search for our Sabbath time; our time of pastures green and rest, of knowledge and wisdom. Let us find the sacred in the ordinary times, quietness in the noise, contentment and peace in our difficulties.
Help us God, to find that still small voice within and know that you are GOD.
John Rutter encapsulates it quite simply in the words of his hymn: “For the beauty of the earth; for the beauty of the skies; for the love which from our birth, over and around us lies.”
How beautiful You made our earth and we are so grateful that we live with such beauty all around us God; let our grateful hearts help us to do all we can, to help preserve Your wonderful creation; we are human beings, part of your divine plan, given freely and with Your grace; we thank You for Your constant love and guidance. Amen
Rev. Janice Bowker

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